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There are numerous ways to approach, and progress, through Insolvency. Find out below how our expertise can help.

If your company is in severe financial distress and no longer viable, Business Liquidation may be the only option. With in-house liquidators registered by ASIC, well facilitate the most effective exit and communicate with creditors on your behalf. Supporting your people while helping you find the path to whats next, either through CreditorsVoluntary Liquidation or Simplified Liquidation.

CreditorsVoluntary Liquidation

In CreditorsVoluntary Liquidation (CVL), our ASIC registered liquidators can ease the process on the role of Company Liquidator. Dealing with the formalities of convening shareholders, and facilitating a procedure in which the company is placed into Liquidation. Helping to relieve stress at every stage.

Simplified Liquidation

If your company is insolvent and total liabilities do not exceed $1 million, you may be eligible for Simplified Liquidation. A more streamlined version of CVL, well work with you to close your business the right way, with clarity and understanding.

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At Mackay Goodwin, we have significant experience in Receivership appointments and as Agent for Mortgagees. If youre a Funder, Secured Creditor or Financial Institution adviser, please get in touch.


If youre facing financial difficulty, or unable to pay your debts, we can help. Our in-house Registered Trustee specialises in managing the estates of bankrupt individuals and Personal Insolvency Agreements. Negotiating arrangements with creditors while navigating the best way forward for all concerned.


We understand the financial and emotional weight of bankruptcy. Well work with you throughout the process, remaining upfront and transparent at all times so you know where you stand. Covering all options, guiding you around the pitfalls. Solving problems swiftly to deliver the optimal result, with bankruptcy as a last resort.

Debt agreements

If youre facing personal insolvency, well help to navigate the way out. Tailoring a plan, well advise and recommend the best options to deal with your unmanageable debt. Create a legally binding document between you and your creditors, and negotiate on your behalf so you pay a percentage of the combined debt over a period of time. Moving you forward as efficiently as possible, every step of the way.


Business Health Check

Unlike other firms’ ‘insolvency-first’ approach, our focus is keeping your business viable and trading into the future. Essential to this is our Business Health Check, a powerful way to gain valuable insights into your business. Diagnosing areas for improvement and maintenance; with actionable, measurable plans to improve your company’s future. For your free Business Health Check, click on the relevant link below:
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Business Survival Pack

With the rapidly changing environment and the amount of information being supplied by both Federal and State Governments, there is a wealth of information and support for businesses to digest. To assist you in finding the right solution for your business we’ve created this business survival pack to outline everything companies need to know in terms of:

Recent changes to insolvency laws
Information about available Government assistance
ATO relief options
Hints and tips to reduce overheads
Equity capital raising
Safe Harbour Protection and
Holding DOCAs & voluntary administration

If you need more tailored advice or have questions in relation to your specific business our experienced professionals are here to help. Don’t give up, and we won’t either

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