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Our Business Restructure and Turnaround expertise spans every facet. Find out how we can make it work to your advantage.

Our team negotiates expertly and efficiently between creditors and stakeholders. Working with both parties to solve the problem, deliver solutions, and provide stability.


Safe Harbour (2017) is part of the Corporations Act. It provides protection for directors from claims of insolvent trading, as long as they adhere to a formal restructuring plan. At Mackay Goodwin, we’ll guide you through. Working as your restructuring partner, we’ll put a strategy and plan in place for you to follow. Helping your business to strengthen, and succeed.


If your business urgently needs operational improvements, the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can move you forward. Step by step, focused on your success. Delivering the best possible outcome by:

– Identifying the causes

– Developing a strategy to improve

– Focusing on the profitability of operations

– Reviewing products and markets to assess their contribution to profit

– Advising on appropriate cost reductions

– Identifying skills and resource gaps in the management team

– Disposing of underperforming and non-core businesses.


Unsure your business can stay financially afloat? We’ve helped many businesses enter into Voluntary Administration, with a view of continuing through a Deed Of Company Arrangement (DOCA). This enables your company to move forward while distributing money to creditors. Most crucially, it gives you the breathing space and structure to continue trading in a viable way, with a plan to bring your business back to profitability.


We understand the stress debt can cause. If your company debt is less than $1 million, we can help alleviate the impact with the Small Business Restructure. Cost-effective, simpler and quicker than Voluntary Administration, it allows small businesses to restructure their debts and remain in control in the process.


We’ve helped hundreds of Australian businesses recover from debt – and thrive. Here are just a few.

Security Company Case Study

An 85% reduction in debt gets company through a major trading and cash flow problem. An electronic security company in Brisbane with clients ranging from small boutiques to international mega-corporations within Australia was experiencing difficulty with their cash flow, so Mackay Goodwin stepped in to help.

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Building Developer Case Study

This South Australian builder continues to trade, thanks to a DOCA, restructure and dispute resolution. When an Adelaide building development company found itself in a lengthy and protracted legal dispute over a costly project, it found itself unable to trade out of the heavy losses it had incurred as a result of the deal.

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Earth Moving Company Case Study

75% reduction in tax debt gets this earthmoving company moving again. By the time a Melbourne-based earthmoving company contacted Mackay Goodwin over reducing their accrued debt, they had built up a $280,000 backlog with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

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Virtual Chief Financial Officer (vCFO)

Our Virtual CFO (vCFO) anchors our digital experience. Combining the latest technology with our advisory services allows us to provide expert support anywhere in Australia. Flexible and tailored to meet your business needs, it’s based on where your business is at and the services you could benefit from. We have several packages to suit businesses of all ages and stages. Completely flexible and interactive, it’s an indispensable tool to boost every business.

Business Health Check

Unlike other firms’ ‘insolvency-first’ approach, our focus is keeping your business viable and trading into the future. Essential to this is our Business Health Check, a powerful way to gain valuable insights into your business. Diagnosing areas for improvement and maintenance; with actionable, measurable plans to improve your company’s future. For your free Business Health Check, click on the relevant link below:
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Business Survival Pack

With the rapidly changing environment and the amount of information being supplied by both Federal and State Governments, there is a wealth of information and support for businesses to digest. To assist you in finding the right solution for your business we’ve created this business survival pack to outline everything companies need to know in terms of:

Recent changes to insolvency laws
Information about available Government assistance
ATO relief options
Hints and tips to reduce overheads
Equity capital raising
Safe Harbour Protection and
Holding DOCAs & voluntary administration

If you need more tailored advice or have questions in relation to your specific business our experienced professionals are here to help. Don’t give up, and we won’t either.

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