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Mackay Goodwin appoints bankruptcy division head

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How Could Personal Insolvency Impact your Business?

Businesses are launched with the best intentions, but even the most astute plans can be undone by changes in the business environment or competitive landscape, consumer tastes, rising costs, or …

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Your Guide to Australian Bankruptcy in 2024

Perhaps you have clicked on this story because you find yourself owing money and facing debts that you’re unable to pay. Maybe you are looking for solutions or wondering whether bankruptcy is the thing for you, but you aren’t quite sure you fit the definition.  Our guide aims to break down the bankruptcy process and… Continue reading Your Guide to Australian Bankruptcy in 2024

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Understanding the Difference Between Liquidation and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and liquidation are often confused and used interchangeably, but these two terms are actually very different. While both could involve insolvency – the inability to meet debt obligations – …

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