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We are excited to launch Mackay Goodwin’s MG Academy, kicking off with our first webinar on Cyber Crime featuring the notorious James Linton aka email prankster. Following his spear phishing bonanzas of the White House and Bank of England, now James has partnered with MG Academy and Continuum Cyber to create awareness to companies and help employees make better security decisions. Lawyers and accountants are ultimately sitting ducks and the most sought after targets when it comes to Cyber Security. Our webinar will provide the importance of education and why it can save 95% of all attacks.

Join James Linton, Ben Jones, Managing Director of Continuum Cyber and Domenic Calabretta, CEO of Mackay Goodwin as they discuss:

Importance of cyber education
Why Cyber security is necessary
A CEO’s experience with Cyber Crime

Attendees will receive the opportunity for a free cyber health check and access to a free eBook on how to secure your business.