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Mitchell has 20 years’ experience in corporate insolvency and restructure. Mitchell is a Registered Liquidator having working on many types of corporate appointments. He has managed complex liquidations and voluntary administrations in numerous industries with expertise in property, finance, manufacturing, IT and building and constructions. Mitchell brings value to appointments from start to finish, from marketing and having initial contact with clients to achieving exceptional outcomes.

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Insolvency Australia: Be prepared for ‘domino effect’ of construction company collapses

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Guide to Liquidation

You may have clicked on this article, unsure if entering liquidation is right for you and your business.  Many people are surprised to discover that even profitable, thriving corporate businesses may choose to enter liquidation. But what does it actually mean when a business is placed into liquidation and why would a thriving business choose… Continue reading Guide to Liquidation

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Tourism Industry feels the pinch from lower visitor numbers and staffing shortfalls.

Despite international borders opening in February, the tourism and hospitality industry is still struggling to return to business as usual. Labour shortages are one of the biggest impediments to getting back on their feet.  While domestic visitors are returning and taking holidays, international visitors have been slow to return. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics,… Continue reading Tourism Industry feels the pinch from lower visitor numbers and staffing shortfalls.

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Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Explained

When a solvent company permanently stops trading and shuts down, it begins the process of Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, a formal process that allows a solvent company to wind up affairs. Many businesses opt for this option, and in this article, we’ll explore the various benefits involved and the steps that company’s need to take in… Continue reading Members’ Voluntary Liquidation Explained

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What is Business Liquidation?

When a business gets into trouble, it has a number of insolvency options. Whether you’re an advisor to a business in financial strife or you’re in charge of such a …

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