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Grahame is also regarded as one of Australia’s leading restructuring experts. He has significant experience across all facets of business turnaround, restructuring and administration. He has focused on commercial outcomes and communications with key stakeholders in transitioning various companies through the Voluntary Administration and Deeds of Company Arrangement process for over 20 years. This is in numerous industry segments across Australia. He has also undertaken matters involving overseas operations. When a Deed of Company Arrangement is unsuitable and or unable to be completed he strategically identifies practical alternative courses of action.

Grahame’s resources

How Safe Harbour Can Help Protect Directors From Personal Liability

What are the Safe Harbour provisions? The Safe Harbour provisions under the Corporations Act 2001 provide protections to assist company directors from personal liability for insolvent trading. The provisions enable directors who suspect their company may be insolvent, to find an alternative course of action other than immediately opting for administration or liquidation. To understand… Continue reading How Safe Harbour Can Help Protect Directors From Personal Liability

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The best way to deal with creditors

Dealing with creditors can be overwhelming when you don’t know your rights, where to seek help or what to do. When you fall behind on your bills, rent, loan, credit card or debts, your creditor may obtain a debt collector. The debt collector will then be in contact with you to retrieve the debt for the… Continue reading The best way to deal with creditors

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5 Responsibilities you never knew a business director had

Business directors are the wheelhouse of a good organisation. The responsibilities of a director of a company are so diverse and varied that they could be doing a handful of things at any one time. From overseeing the company’s affairs to staying up to date on the business’ finances, a business director holds several key… Continue reading 5 Responsibilities you never knew a business director had

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Business Liquidation – What does it mean?

Many people are surprised to discover that even profitable, thriving businesses may choose to enter liquidation. But what does it actually mean when a business goes into liquidation and why would a thriving business choose this as their path?

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5 Reasons to Consider Voluntary Administration

Voluntary administration is a type of insolvency process for companies in financial strife. It’s designed to help companies, with the help of an external, independent expert, to resolve their insolvency …

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How to Avoid Company Bankruptcy or Liquidation

Sometimes, a company bankruptcy or liquidation is simply inevitable. Perhaps the company had a product that exploded in popularity, only to prove to be a fad, and it struggled to …

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A Guide to Business Insolvency

Owning your own business can be exciting, however it’s also filled with the prospect of making challenging decisions every day. Faced with survive-or-perish choices, business owners need to think for …

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