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Domenic is regarded as one of Australia’s leading restructuring experts with having the most number of appointments in 2017 in the insolvency industry. Domenic has significant experience across all facets of business turnaround, restructuring and administration. Being both an accountant and lawyer, he is considered a disruptor of the industry, having being involved in case law that has changed and improved the playing field of corporate insolvency. Of his impressive career to date, the biggest highlights for Domenic are the businesses that he has helped to save. Domenic is constantly appointed across all industries over companies ranging from small to medium businesses to multinationals. No engagement for Domenic is too small or too big.

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Domenic’s resources

3 essential actions to take before safe harbour closes on 31 December 2020

It’s been a hard year for businesses big and small, across sectors.

ASIC warned that the challenges of COVID-19 would require recalibrating aspects of corporate strategy, risk-management framework, and funding and capital management strategy – among other things.

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What is Voluntary Administration?

Voluntary administration is the process whereby a business in financial distress is assessed by an independent administrator to determine the best financial resolution for that company. The administrator could be appointed by the company directors, the creditors of a company, or by the court.

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How to Conduct a Successful Business Restructure

Changing market conditions, shifting consumer trends, and increased competition can all impact your business’s operating environment and make restructuring necessary.

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Starting the New Year with a Clean Financial Slate

As the new year begins, you may have enjoyed good rest over the festive period. And just as it’s important to start fresh personally, it’s also important to refresh your …

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10 Signs Your Business Needs to be Restructured

Hundreds of Aussie companies collapse every year, and most businesses end up in liquidation rather than returning to trading. With disruptive forces like technology and competitive market conditions, companies can …

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10 Signs Your Business Needs a Corporate Advisor

Business always involves risks, and success requires vision, entrepreneurial instincts and some luck. Often, the risk taken does not provide the expected reward, and this is when you may need …

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The Accountant’s Guide to Working with a Voluntary Administrator

Voluntary administration is an insolvency procedure that brings in an external voluntary administrator to decide on the company’s next steps. Unlike liquidation, external voluntary administration won’t necessarily result in the company being wound down.

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Why You Need a Budget for Your Business

You need a budget for your business. It doesn’t actually matter what size your business is – whether it’s a sole proprietor right through to a large corporation, if you’re looking to make your business a sustainable success, the budget will be the cornerstone of what you do.

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